Seven Ways to a Million Dollars


Seven Ways to a Million Dollars Investment Strategy 90 Day Consulting Plan

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What’s Your Plan?

In Seven Ways to a Million Dollars, Rick Girgis of Equitable Consulting, will dissect and explore the seven most common successful real estate strategic approaches associated investors use to accumulate wealth. This includes the liquid resources needed, the types of mortgages used to leverage and make plans possible, and why some plans are better than others.

In this 90 Day Consulting Plan, which includes a 2 day class, and 3 consulting sessions (one per month for 3 months), you will get the material to learn and measure the returns on:

  • 2 Owner Occupied Real Estate Investment Strategies.
  • 2 Investor Residential Real Estate Flip/Hold Strategies
  • 2 Commercial Strategies
  • 1 Creative Strategy

Rick will identify types of property from Single Family & Multifamily to Commercial.  He will detail a plan for most ages & Risk Types, with various Income, Assets, Credit, Experience, and Time required to execute each plan, and criteria to qualify for the Mortgages that makes it all possible (including FHA 203k, FHA Reverse, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA & Non-Agency on the owner occupied residential side, and Small Balance, Large Balance, Non-agency commercial, Bridge funding, Construction, Hard Money, & SBA on the business purpose commercial side).

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