Volunteer Program

GaREIA is one of the oldest real estate investors associations (REIA’s) in the country, founded in 1986. It is a non-profit corporation, mainly run by volunteers. From Board members to Subgroup Leaders to General Meeting Volunteers. We have a wonderful staff of three, but the heart of the organization is in the caliber of its members and the commitment of its volunteers.

GaREIA has helped many people become successful in real estate investing over the past 20 years. But guess what. GaREIA IS WHAT IT IS as a result of many dedicated volunteers who gave their time and energyYou, reading this right now, are the new GaREIA.  If you want GaREIA to be a great organization that helps you become successful in life and in real estate investing, then it’s up to you.  GaREIA needs your skills, talents, hobbies and passion. Your commitment to give your time and energy to make GaREIA the best it can be. Our success is determined by our ability to work together as a team to create value for each and every GaREIA member.

Sitting back, waiting, and watching to see what GaREIA is going to offer you is not going to work. This is your organization. Jump in, contribute your skills and time. The sky is the limit for what we can accomplish together.  Whatever you give, you’ll receive back ten fold. You’ll meet successful investors. You’ll meet new business partners. You’ll gain knowledge you need. You’ll make life long friends. Ask any of the members who have been around GaREIA a long time!

Thank you to all our volunteers and all you do for GaREIA!

Join us at volunteer orientation — whether you are new, or if you’ve been around awhile.  The time is now.  Make a difference. Shape the present – and the future of a great organization.

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Contact our Executive Director for more info on volunteering!


Orientation & Training

You are a valuable resource for GaREIA. Meet other investors and build your networking skills as a volunteer.

Orientation and training sessions for new volunteers are scheduled as we get enough people interested. Call now to get on the call list.

The Orientation will help you get started in one of the many volunteer oppertunities available. Networking with other volunteers, the Board of Directors, and local and national speakers is priceless in jump starting your new career.

Many Volunteers working on committees continue to volunteer and become part of the board structure. What a great way to learn more about your association. Join us and see where you can make a difference.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Orientation & Training Session.

You must be a GaREIA member to participate in the Volunteer program.

Areas Volunteers are Utilized:

  • General Meetings
  • Education Network Groups
  • Board Committees
  • Seminars
  • Maintenance
  • Newsletter
  • Office Support
  • Conventions


  • Discounts to GaREIA Seminars and Conventions
  • Reserved seating at General Meeting
  • Further your business by networking with leaders in the industry
  • Ability to beef up your credibility kit or resume by getting awesome references
  • The great feeling you get when you “give” of yourself.