Business Associate Vendors

FACT: Advertising at Georgia Real Estate Investors Association (GaREIA) has become one of the best and most cost-effective advertising sources for Real Estate Investor related businesses!


Available annual Business Associate membership packages, depending upon the marketing exposure you desire. We have many advertising mediums to fit your marketing needs!

  • Bronze $395

  • Gold $695

  • Platinum $1,095

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Business Associate Directory

Every member has access to the directory of Business Associates online.


Association Magazine

Declared by the membership as one of the benefits most appreciated, the ‘we are GaREIA’ magazine features articles on various real estate investing subjects. Many companies advertise in all issues or selectively, with ads from full page to business card size.

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Networking at Quarterly Meetings

Quarterly General Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month. This is our biggest event. A lot of networking takes place at the General Meeting, friendships are made, and business contacts secured. Many members go to the meetings just for this purpose.


Promotion at Exhibit Hall

There is a dedicated area for Business Associates to exhibit at each General Meeting. An associate can rent table space in this area for the evening.


Display Business Cards and Flyers

There is a dedicated place in the exhibit area at the quarterly meetings for flyers and business cards. You can advertise there without purchasing table space. Also, you can place your flyers and cards at the GaREIA Headquarters which attracts daily visits by investors attending our Subgroup meetings and seminars.


Quarterly Program Guide

We distribute a quarterly program guide at some General Meetings and sell space on the inside and back covers of the brochure. Every attending guest and member will receive one of these at each meeting.


General Meeting Sponsor

A Business Associate member may sponsor a meeting. The company will be announced as the meeting sponsor, have 3 – 5 minutes stage time, a full page ad in the program guide (inside front cover) and have the ability to give away a door prize. They will receive an exhibit table in the lobby of our venue.  The best table in the house!





Who are you reaching?


Our membership includes full-time and part-time investors, real estate brokers and agents, attorneys, accountants, property managers, renovation specialist, appraisers, bankers, and anyone who wants to start an investing career.

Many who join are looking for information and support to begin and lack the contacts, knowledge, or confidence to begin. The contacts made through business associates offer newcomers a welcome support to their newly chosen endeavor. Seasoned investors alike use these contacts as an opportunity to refresh their list of contractors and suppliers.


How can you reach them?


GaREIA hosts quarterly monthly meetings that are attended by members and guests. As a Business Associate, you are entitled to purchase table space and exhibit your product or service during these meetings.


Contact our office at for more details.