Buy & Hold Boot Camp February 2020

GaREIA’s Buy & Hold Boot Camp is geared specifically towards real estate investors who are interested in earning  strategies to successfully build their buy and hold portfolio. Like our New Investor Fast Start Boot Camp, experienced  local teachers will take you step by step through the entire process, outlining many ways you can make money, as well as ways you can seriously lose money, if you’re not careful.


Why Should You Be a Buy & Hold Investor?

Real estate gives unbelievable inflation protection, whereas most other passive streams do not. Inflation of the rents and the appreciation of the property create a big jump in income when loan is paid off. Flipping, on the other hand, does not create passive income: once you sell that property, you do not get more each month from it. Buying and holding properties provides a steady stream of passive income, with lower taxes and less risk. Buy & Hold properties give you a return on investment that is off the charts, allowing your wealth to grow rapidly.


What you will learn:

In this intensive, two day Boot Camp you will learn:

  • Why buy and hold? How it compares to wholesaling, flipping, and even investing in stocks
  • Buy and hold real estate types, i.e., single family, multi-family, condos, mobile homes and the pros and cons of each
  • What determines a buy and hold vs. a flip? Major considerations, number crunching, strategies, i.e., “how many do I need?”
  • Buy and hold rehabbing: costs and percentages
  • Landlording: tenant screening, leases, best practices
  • Buy and hold financing, i.e., private money, owner financing, etc.
  • How to determine value, including negotiating, best practices
  • What rental houses “look likeâ€, the areas, and the neighborhoods – Class A, B, C?
  • How to find and analyze Buy & Hold properties
  • Types of properties and areas, based on successful Buy & Hold strategies being used in Atlanta now by the instructors
  • Why you don’t have to be a landlord for 30 years
  • House Hacking
  • Lease Options

Experienced Teachers with Local Focus

You will  learn from local, experienced teachers—all of whom are successful investors in the Atlanta area. They will teach you what works in Georgia, how Georgia law is applied, and how properties are valued right here in Georgia.

You don’t have to get on an airplane and fly to California to learn which buy and hold strategies work there and then translate them to local law and regulations.

You will be able to go out on the Monday following Boot Camp weekend and put this knowledge to work.