Using Georgia Real Estate Records for Investors


What exactly is a real estate title?

What about a lien or a FIFA?

Do you know where to find liens on a potential property?

Answer these questions and more at GaREIA’s newest Super Saturday Training on March 16!

Many investors never get into the finer details of title searches and property liens. The process can be very intimidating, and many investors are not even sure where to start.

However, using county records to investigate property chain of title and potential liens can provide you with a wealth of information and opportunity, and give you an edge over your competition, as well as help you avoid some potentially costly pitfalls of buying real estate.

In this half day class, John Davis, a title examiner with over 20 years of experience, of TSAE Inc. will show you exactly what it means to do a title search from beginning to end.

In this course, John will discuss:

  • What exactly does it mean to “close†on a piece of real estate?
  • What is it a title examiner does, and how do they work behind the scenes of your real estate deals?
  • What is a title search and how is one conducted?
  • What is a title, a lien, a warranty deed, a quitclaim deed, and a tax sale deed?
  • How are property tax delinquencies handled and where do you find the information?
  • Resources on doing your own DIY title search
  • How to search for liens and leverage them for your real estate business

GaREIA is offering this half day course on Saturday March 16 for the great price of only $100 per attendee pre-registered. This is a unique course offering that isn’t readily available anywhere else in Metro Atlanta. So, come on out with us March 16 from 9am to 1pm and pick the brain of an expert title examiner!