Trusts, LLCs, Real Estate Entity Strategy, and Estate planning


Have you ever wondered when to title a property into a trust, an LLC, your personal name? What is a trust? What are the different (common) types of LLCs?

We will spend a few hours on each of these great questions so you will have working knowledge of when and how to use these real estate titling scenarios. We will also cover some real estate tax issues and solutions, and end on estate planning – a basic approach suitable for someone starting out and ending on a complicated plan for someone with a complicated portfolio.

  • What are trusts and when does it makes sense to title a property into a trust.
  • What is an LLC, types of LLCs and when does it make sense to title a property into an LLC
  • Stacking / layering strategies;  rentals held in trusts beneficiary is an LLC
  • Tax strategies and a side topic of rental tax problems and solutions
  • Estate planning;  a basic plan, a complicated plan

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