Intown Rehabbers Subgroup


The Intown Rehabbers Subgroup meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month on location at a property rehab.

Please contact the leader, John Weatherman, for the address of the rehab we will visit this month.  We will meet there at 11 am on Tuesday. After the meeting, we will go to lunch.


John Weatherman

Registration Info

Members attend all Subgroups free of charge as a GaREIA Member benefit; Guests attend all Regional Subgroups free of charge (Southside, Cobb, DeKalb, Intown Rehabbers, Northside Rehabbers), and may attend any one Subgroup meeting that meets at GaREIA Headquarters free of charge; subsequent visits to any Subgroup that meets at GaREIA Headquarters require $25 Guest Fee. You may register online through the day before the event; or just sign in with the leader when you arrive. Reminder: you will need to contact the leader for the location of the event.