What is a Note?

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Why Ignore Profits in the Note Business, When You are Already In It? (What Is A Note?) Joseph Varnadore/NoteSchool Most real estate investors have heard of the “Note Business” but many misunderstand it while others think that it is completely separate from the real estate business. The fact is, most real estate investors are in the note business, and they just don’t know it. The note business is the financing side of the real estate business. Note Business in the Simplest Terms The note business is based upon the purchase, sale and...

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More on Buying Real Estate Notes

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What Should A New Real Estate Investor Do? Joseph Varnadore/NoteSchool   Today more and more people are attracted to real estate and naturally by extension, real estate investment associations and clubs. Many of these investors are new or “newbie” investors who are easily overwhelmed with information and constantly search for the best way to start. They suffer from paralysis of analysis.   The instructors at NoteSchool each have dozens of years of experience in the real estate investment space. This includes buying real property...

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