Where Do You Find Great Deals in Apartments?

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BONUS REPORT: Where do you find great deals on Apartments? by Anthony Chara I get this question a lot, especially, during or just after a presentation showing an apartment complex illustrating a ‘cash on cash’ return in excess of 20%. If you went to a Commercial Broker and told them you were looking for properties with a 20% COCR, they’d do one of two things; 1-They’d tell you they would buy the property themselves if they ever found one with a 20% COCR or 2-They’d hang up on you because they’d think your expectations are...

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What is Operating Ratio?

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REPORT #3: What is Operating Ratio? by Anthony Chara Operating Ratio is a calculation that will tell you how efficiently or inefficiently an Apartment Complex is being operated. Calculating the Operating Ratio is simple as long as you have all the correct figures to use. The two figures you need to calculate the ‘OR’ are the OE or Operating Expenses (TIMMUR), except your debt service/mortgage payments, and the EGI or Effective Gross Income. In order to find the OR, you take the Operating Expenses (OE) and divide it by the Effective Gross...

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Follow the Money in Residential Assisted Living

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FOLLOW THE MONEY IN RESIDENTIAL ASSISTED LIVING By Gene Guarino, Keynote Speaker at the April 11 GaREIA General Meeting How much can I make?    That is a common question I get when people come to the Academy to learn about Residential Assisted Living. There are 2 directions that you can go.   1- Own the Real Estate and rent it to an operator 2- Own the Real Estate AND operate the Residential Assisted Living business as well. If you own the home and lease it to an operator, you can get up to twice the fair market rent.  As a real estate...

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Ultimate Asset Protection Strategy

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THE ULTIMATE ASSET PROTECTION STRATEGY Own your own Residential Assisted Living Home by Gene Guarino, Keynote Speaker at the April 11 GaREIA General Meeting   Most investors will work their entire lives to build their business, a portfolio of assets and retirement accounts in the hopes of “being set” in their retirement years.  Unfortunately, many of them will live to see most or all of their estate being stripped away paying for their final few years of life as they are being taken care of in an assisted living facility.  That is...

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